The Unexplored Luxury: Private Islands for Zen Seekers in Exclusives Trips

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Private Islands
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Jet into the Untouched Luxury of Private Islands

There's nothing that quite screams 'luxury' like an exclusive vacation to a private island. The notion itself seems entirely out of reach for your average Jane or Joe. But hey, not for you, our Zen-seeking digital nomad!

Let’s dive (quite literally) into an adventure where the usual hustle and bustle is replaced by the gentle whispers of the waves and the symphony of exotic birds. And the best part of it all, this can be experienced in your own private paradise.

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.' - St Augustine

1. Necker Island - The billionaire's playground

Located in the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island, owned by business tycoon Richard Branson, is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. You can enjoy being active with a spot of tennis or water sports or simply relax and enjoy the beach. It's not cheap, but true luxury never is!

2. Fregate Island - Exquisite taste of pristine nature

Next stop, Seychelles! Fregate Island hosts a maximum of 40 guests at any given time to keep things intimate. Rest assured, your inner Zen-seeking soul will rejoice as you wander spotless beaches and turquoise waters.

3. Musha Cay - David Copperfield’s Magic Oasis

Magician David Copperfield’s own Musha Cay is a stunning archipelago in Bahamas, that surely knows how to mesmerize its guests. And no, we're not just talking about the magic tricks!

4. Aman Sveti Stefan - European Elegance

We know what you’re thinking. Private Island? In Europe? But yes. Located in Montenegro, Aman Sveti Stefan is a fortified village dating back to the 15th century, boasting charm, history and spectacular Adriatic views.

Remember, the real voyage of discovery lies not in updating your status on social media, but in having new lenses to see the world (and boy, would these islands be a sight for sore ones!).


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