Audubon zoo tickets: everything you need to know for a perfect visit

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Discovering the wonders of the audubon zoo

The wild side of new orleans

The Audubon Zoo, nestled in the heart of Uptown New Orleans, offers a captivating experience for both tourists and locals. With over 58 acres to explore, it promises an adventure filled with fascinating exhibits and exotic animals. Home to more than 2,000 animals, the zoo is divided into various geographical and themed sections, each more interesting than the last.

Animal encounters that leave you in awe

One of the most notable attractions is the Jaguar Jungle, where you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Imagine kids’ eyes widening as they see a jaguar lounging on a branch right above them. For those fascinated by reptiles, the Swamp exhibit features alligators, snapping turtles, and other critters that roam the Louisiana bayous.

A day perfect for family fun

The zoo isn't just about animal sightings; it's a haven for family bonding. Kids and adults alike will love the playful antics seen at the Cool Zoo splash park. On a scorching Louisiana day, nothing feels better than cooling off in this water wonderland. Audubon Zoo also offers special behind-the-scenes tours and educational programs aimed at providing guests a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom.

Experience the beauty of nature

Strolling through the zoo, you'll encounter beautifully landscaped gardens and captivating sculptures, adding a serene touch to your visit. For parents seeking some respite, shady spots are abundant, providing the perfect opportunity to relax while the kids marvel at the flora and fauna.

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Ticketing options and special offers

General admission and combo tickets

When planning to visit Audubon Zoo, understanding the ticketing options can make a huge difference in your experience. Let's dive into the details. General admission tickets are the go-to for a day filled with adventure at the zoo. As of 2023, adults (ages 13-64) pay $24.95, and children (ages 2-12) are $19.95, while senior citizens (65+) enjoy a discounted rate of $19.95. Discounts and special offers are available, especially for locals.

Special rates for orleans parish residents

Residents of Orleans Parish can snag fantastic deals. Every Wednesday, they get half-off admission when buying tickets in person. Just show proof of residence through an ID or utility bill.

Membership offers

For frequent visitors, becoming an Audubon Member could be a wise decision. Members enjoy free general admission and special perks, like guest passes and discounts on food, drinks, and gift shop items. A family membership costs $150 annually but offers significant savings if you plan multiple visits throughout the year.

Cool combo deals

Planning an extended adventure? Consider the aquarium-insectarium combo. This option gives you access to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Combo tickets give you a well-rounded experience of nature, priced at about $49.95 for adults and $39.95 for children. Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts that could make these experiences even more affordable.

Group rates and special packages

Visiting with a group? Audubon offers group rates for parties of 10 or more, providing a 15% discount off general admission. Perfect for school trips, corporate outings, or large family gatherings. Arrange these deals in advance with the Guest Services team to ensure a seamless experience.

Seasonal events and promotions

Audubon Zoo often hosts special events like the mesmerizing Lights in the Garden during the holiday season or the exciting Member Fun Night. These events sometimes include special ticketing arrangements. Be sure to check the zoo's official website for the latest promotions and event details, so you don't miss out!

With so many options, there's certainly a way to customize your visit to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you're planning a brief visit or an immersive experience across all Audubon attractions, their ticketing options and membership deals are designed to enhance your adventure at every turn.

Membership benefits and exclusive perks

Exclusive perks for members

Becoming a member of the Audubon Nature Institute isn't just about free entry, but about joining a community that cares deeply for animals and conservation. With different membership tiers, there’s something for everyone. A family membership grants you and your loved ones unlimited general admission tickets to the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, and Insectarium. Plus, the membership offers discounts at various on-site gift shops and eateries.

Members also get exclusive access to special events, including early entry to certain exhibits and member-only events. Imagine having the zoo to yourself even before the general public can get in! Additionally, members enjoy early access to new exhibits and a sneak peek at ongoing projects. For instance, the new Jaguar Jungle exhibit had a members-only preview event, which was an instant hit among the little ones and adults alike.

Be a part of conservation efforts

Membership fees directly support wildlife conservation efforts. The Audubon Nature Institute has been involved in numerous conservation projects both locally and internationally. By becoming a member, you're contributing to these vital endeavors. It's a fantastic way to engage personally while supporting global conservation initiatives.

Best bang for your buck

If you visit the or any of the Audubon attractions more than once a year, a membership might save you a bit of cash. General admission tickets can add up quickly if you plan on multiple visits, especially with family or friends. Membership packages come with added perks that make repeat visits both affordable and extra rewarding.

For New Orleans residents, especially those living in Orleans Parish, memberships come with additional benefits like discounts on summer camps for kids, access to special workshops and lectures, and even yoga classes overlooking the Mississippi River. Guests from New Orleans Public Library can also enjoy free entry on special dates.

Seasonal benefits and more

Members don’t just benefit from year-long perks but also enjoy seasonal benefits like the Cool Zoo splash park during hot months. Cool Zoo is a huge hit, featuring water slides, a splash pad, and a lazy river. Members can skip the lines and have extended hours to enjoy this fantastic addition.

Stay updated with the free newsletter

Members receive a free newsletter sign-up that keeps them in the loop about upcoming events, animal births, and new initiatives. This way, you’re always the first to know about the amazing happenings within the Audubon Nature Institute.

Plan your visit: Tips and essentials

Essential tips for an unforgettable audubon zoo visit

Visiting the audubon zoo in New Orleans guarantees a day packed with excitement and discovery. But with a place this large, a few tips can ensure your visit is smooth and enjoyable. Let's dive into what you need to plan your visit effectively.

Timing is everything

To make the most of your trip, consider visiting during the weekdays, especially in the mornings, to avoid large crowds. The zoo opens at 10 AM, and arriving right at opening time allows you to enjoy the exhibits before it gets too busy.

Admission tickets and special offers

The audubon zoo offers a range of ticket options. General admission tickets currently cost $24.95 for adults, $19.95 for children ages 2-12, and $21.95 for seniors aged 65 and over. You can also purchase combo tickets for the zoo and audubon aquarium for a discounted price. Orleans parish residents get a special discount.

“The savings on the combo tickets is worth it, especially if you're visiting with family,” says Jane Smith, a frequent visitor from Uptown New Orleans.

Membership perks

Consider becoming a member. Membership not only grants you unlimited access to the zoo, but also to the aquarium and insectarium. Plus, you receive discounts on food, drinks, and special events. It's a fantastic option for families who plan to visit multiple times throughout the year.

Plan your route

The zoo is divided into several sections, each housing different exhibits such as the Jaguar Jungle and zoo splash park. To save time and energy, grab a map at the entrance and plan your route. Prioritize the must-see exhibits like the Jaguar Jungle and the Africa Savanna.

Bring a picnic

While the audubon zoo has some great food options, bringing your own food and drinks can be a fun and cost-effective alternative. There are numerous picnic spots throughout the zoo where you can relax and enjoy your meal with a view. Just remember, service animals are allowed, but pets are not.

Stay cool

During the warmer months, visit the The Cool Zoo splash park, perfect for cooling down. Running from late spring through early fall, and it's a hit with kids of all ages. Remember to pack swimwear and towels if you plan on making a splash.

Special events and free days

The zoo hosts several special events throughout the year, including holiday light displays and educational programs. Orleans Parish residents also receive free admission on select Wednesdays. Keep an eye on the zoo's calendar for these events.

Exploring the Audubon Aquarium

Diving deep into aquatic marvels

The Audubon Aquarium, perched on the edge of the mighty Mississippi River, offers a treasure trove of aquatic life. It’s home to over 3,600 animals spanning 250 species, it's a real treat for anyone fascinated by marine biodiversity. Picture yourself walking among the mesmerizing tanks filled with creatures from the Amazon to the Caribbean. Trust me; it's an experience that leaves guests, young and old, wide-eyed in wonder.

A must-see at the aquarium is the Gulf of Mexico exhibit, which features a 400,000-gallon tank showing off sharks, rays, and a kaleidoscope of fish. Imagine standing in a tunnel surrounded by water, where sharks glide above you. It's like being in the ocean without getting wet. In addition, you'll encounter playful sea otters and mysterious jellyfish, all beautifully lit to enhance their natural beauty.

Go behind the scenes with wild encounters

If you're looking for a more up-close experience, the Wild Encounters program is for you. This offers a unique chance to meet and learn about the animals directly from experts. According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Education, hands-on experiences like these greatly enhance visitors' understanding and appreciation of marine life.

Plus, the Audubon Aquarium boasts a commendable conservation effort. It’s an active participant in several conservation programs focusing on endangered species and habitats. From coral restoration projects in the Florida Keys to rescuing sea turtles along the Gulf Coast, the aquarium's mission is to protect and preserve our oceans.

Guest satisfaction and visitor insights

When planning your visit, consider buying general admission tickets online to save time and avoid the lines. According to guest reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, pre-purchasing tickets significantly enhances the overall experience by reducing wait times. Many visitors also recommend taking advantage of combo tickets offering admission to the aquarium, insectarium, and zoo.

Here's a pro-tip: if you're a Louisiana native, keep an eye out for the Orleans Parish Appreciation Days when residents of Orleans Parish receive free admission tickets to the Audubon Aquarium.

Plan your perfect visit

In case you get hungry during your visit, the aquarium features several food and drink options. You can enjoy a meal while overlooking the Mississippi River, which is a serene experience, especially on a sunny day.

The truth is, the Audubon Aquarium isn't just an attraction; it's a place where curiosity meets conservation and where families create lasting memories. So, whether you're planning group trips, family outings, or a solo adventure, adding the Audubon Aquarium to your itinerary is a splashingly good idea!

Immerse yourself in the Audubon Insectarium

Experience the world of bugs like never before

Stepping into the audubon insectarium is like entering a different universe altogether. With over 50 live exhibits, this unique spot within the audubon nature institute brings visitors face-to-face with some of the planet's most fascinating insects. From the enchanted butterfly garden to the multi-legged critters that crawl and scuttle, the insectarium is a must-visit for families exploring New Orleans.

Learn from the experts

What makes the audubon insectarium special is the wealth of knowledge available. Entomologists and insect specialists like Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood, who is known for his extensive research on locusts and grasshoppers, often contribute to the educational content. Guided tours provide deeper insights into the incredible lives of insects, making it an engaging and informative experience for all ages.

Interactive exhibits and hands-on fun

Kids and adults alike can participate in interactive exhibits like the Field Camp, where you get a closer look at how insects sustain ecosystems. From the buzzing beehive to the leafcutter ant farms, each exhibit offers a hands-on experience that brings learning to life.

Dip into the culinary world of bugs

One of the most unique attractions is the Insectarium's Bug Appetit kitchen, where you can sample delicacies made from insects. Chefs integrate insects into dishes mostly in a tasty and unexpected way. Not only is it adventurous, but it also offers a new perspective on sustainable food practices.

Controversies and conservation

While most guests leave with a newfound appreciation for insects, the audubon insectarium does encounter some critiques. Some visitors express concerns about the ethics of keeping certain species in captivity and the potential stress on the insects. PETA and other animal welfare organizations have sometimes questioned the treatment of insects in such educational settings. However, the institute emphasizes its commitment to conservation and education, ensuring that exhibits are designed with the well-being of the insects in mind.

Adding the insectarium to your bigger plan

When you plan your visit, it's easy to combine a trip to the insectarium with other attractions like the audubon zoo and the audubon aquarium. Admission tickets can be purchased individually, or you can opt for combo deals and membership options that provide you with discounts special offers on general admission tickets and access to special events. Members receive free admission to the insectarium, adding value to your overall experience in uptown new orleans.

Cool zoo: The ultimate splash park experience

Beyond the zoo: cool zoo's refreshing escape

Visiting the Audubon Zoo is a magical experience, but it gets even better with the Cool Zoo splash park. This oasis is a hit, especially during the sweltering New Orleans summers. Let's dive into what makes this place a must-visit.

A play paradise for families

The Cool Zoo stands out with towering water slides and an expansive splash pad. Nearly 77% of visitors rate it as their kids' favorite part of the zoo.
According to Sarah Burnside from the Audubon Nature Institute, "It's a place where families can cool down, let loose, and create lasting memories."

Wade in with convenience

Situated near the jaguar jungle exhibit, the Cool Zoo is easily accessible. General admission includes entrance to the zoo, but keep in mind the splash park has a separate fee. Percy Rolling, a frequent visitor, recommends purchasing the discounted combo tickets for the best deal. He mentions, "Buying everything in advance saves time and money!"

The heartbeat of summer events

From special summer events to interactive water games, the Cool Zoo is not just a splash park but a hub of fun-filled activities. Their annual Summer Splash Festival attracts folks from all over Louisiana. Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on the Audubon Zoo website.

Splurge on extras for a seamless visit

For a more luxurious experience, rent a shaded cabana. Perks include waiter service and a cooler filled with beverages. Lisa Markham, a mother of three, shares her tip, "It’s ideal for families who want to spend the whole day there." Don't forget to bring your food and drinks because picnicking is perfectly okay in designated areas.

Unwind while soaking wet

The zoo environment provides a relaxing setting, ideal for unwinding after exploring Audubon Aquarium or the Insectarium. It's all about having fun, cooling off, and making the day memorable.

Special events and unique experiences

Unforgettable wild encounters

The audubon zoo isn’t just about observing animals from a distance. Guests can immerse themselves in special events designed to provide close-up experiences with the zoo’s most fascinating residents. For example, the Jaguar Jungle offers a unique opportunity to observe these majestic creatures in a habitat that mirrors their natural environment. Visitors have reported feeling a sense of awe and excitement during these encounters, making it a memorable part of their zoo visit.

Seasonal festivities

The zoo brings a touch of magic to New Orleans by hosting seasonal events that cater to families and individuals alike. From special holiday-themed events to summer night extravaganzas, there’s always something exciting happening. These events aren’t just entertaining—they also provide educational insights into animal behaviors and conservation efforts, making them both fun and informative for guests of all ages.

Zoo run run and other community events

The audubon zoo actively engages with the local community through events like the annual Zoo Run Run. This popular race combines fitness with philanthropy, supporting the zoo’s initiatives while offering runners a unique course that winds through some of the zoo’s most picturesque areas. The event sees participation from a wide demographic, highlighting the community’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

Exclusive night-time tours

For those looking to experience the zoo in a whole new light, the exclusive night-time tours offer a glimpse into the nocturnal lives of the animals. These tours provide a rare opportunity to see animals that are typically less active during the day. Guests receive guided insights from zookeepers, adding an extra layer of engagement to their visit. It’s an unforgettable way to experience the audubon zoo.

Guest stories and experiences

Many visitors have shared their personal stories and experiences at the zoo, with platforms like TripAdvisor showcasing numerous reviews praising the special events. One family recounted how they celebrated a birthday at the Cool Zoo splash park which added a special touch to their visit. Another guest highlighted the informative talks by zookeepers during the Audubon Insectarium’s events, appreciating the detailed knowledge shared about the insects.

The events at the audubon zoo, from daytime festivities to exclusive night-time tours, create lasting memories for visitors. The special activities are designed not only to entertain but also to educate, making every visit to the zoo a unique and valuable experience.